Thanks for stopping by! Shutterbug Sally was named after my alter ego Sally Magoo. She is the free spirit, beach nymph and wanderlust gypsy that lives in my heart. She is a dream maker, adventurer and fun loving friend. She is who I aspire to be more and more each day as this journey continues. I am just beginning my dream to let my passions and Sally drive my Next Chapter....

There is no better day than when the light is beautiful, the inspiration is flowing and my heart and mind are in sync. Photography allows my inner artist and creative soul to breathe. I love antiquing and treasure hunting to find unique objects that speak to me. I lust over beautiful patinas on wooden boxes and creamy worn edges on old white china. Photography is another treasure hunting passion for me. It is all about the light, chasing the light and capturing the light. Finding the perfect time and space to create a unique portrait or landscape is always an adventure. Putting that special twinkle in someone's eye so you can see their true spirit and make them feel beautiful is incredibly rewarding. When it all comes together, magic happens.

A beautiful photograph doesn't happen by accident. It takes time, preparation, thoughtfulness and a passion for perfection and artistry to create something soulfully simple.

Please contact me if your are interested in experiencing a Shutterbug Sally photo session.